New Generation Telecom Ltd

New Generation Telecom Limited (NGTL)is an Interconnection Exchange (ICX) Operator. NGTL started its era since April 2012 through a licensing procedure from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(BTRC). NGTL starts its commercial operation from 01st of April 2013. Major features of our technology are:

♦ Our main Equipment(Core) Vendor is NSN

♦ Secured Network through Juniper

♦ Maintain Key Performance Indicators(KPI) with 99.99% uptime.

♦ Support for SIP, H.323 and TDM based interconnects with protocol & codec conversion facility.

♦ Juniper router and switch, hiT and Tejas Multiplexer (MUX) have been used to provide flawless connectivity.

♦ World class wholesale billing system with iTech Solution Ltd.

♦ Class 4 NGN Switches for high QOS

♦ SMS/MMS Switching on demand

♦ 24 x 7 NOC with skilled support personnel.

♦ Network security ensured against network anomalies and DoS attacks.

♦ All critical network elements including Core, Transmission & Billing platform have been designed in 1+1 redundancy architecture.