• Routing/switching international voice calls between Local Telephone operators and International Gateway operators.
• Routing/switching inter-operator domestic voice calls.
• Routing inter-operator Short Message Service (SMS) & Multimedia Message Service (MMS) if required by local mobile phone operators.
• Providing Interface for Lawful Interception (LI) facilities.
• Providing Monitoring Facility of System for BTRC.
• ENUM, IMEI and Number Portability Services.
• Special code number, emergency number and call center number routing.

National Traffic

NGTL cater a significant number of national traffic every day without any congestion and maintaining a perfect KPI as per the SLA of national operators and by the law of state of the art.

International Incoming Traffic

NGTL is able to handle a large volume of international inbound traffic without any congestion and call drop. NGTL is always promised to maintain an excellent CCR, ASR & ACD to our valued partners ANS and IGW Operators.

International Outgoing Traffic

NGTL provides A-Z destinations international outbound traffic services which originated by ANS subscribers and routes through NGT towards IGW to foreign carriers.

Network Diagram